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"We went to Lego Land in Windsor with Rocky and my cousin. We went on lots of rides and played in the water and the park. At the end of the day we went to the shop and bought some new lego to play with. We had an absolutley great time!" - David

Rocky the Monkey

Rocky the monkey is our club mascot. Each week, one child takes Rocky home and writes in Rocky's book what they did that week, the following are his adventures he's had with the Little Monkeys of Saru Ju Jitsu!

My name is Rocky and I am from Folly Farm. I have found a nice home in Saru Ju-Jitsu Academy. The only way I can grade is by going on lots of fun adventures so please take me to places where I can learn and have lots of fun!

Rocky's Story

"Not only can Rocky do Ju-Jitsu, he can now swim. He did very well in our swimming class" - Daisy & Elliot

Rocky's Adventures

"Me and Rocky at Swansea University doing science. We had a great time and I really enjoyed his company" - Luke

"On Thursday Rocky went for a sleepover at my grandmas house. Saturday Rocky went for his first ever driving lesson. I think he is going to need a lot of lessons because he wasn't that good" - Jamie

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"Rocky and I went to my swimming lesson. Rocky watched me do lenghts. We had a photo with my instructor. Then Rocky had a bath and now he smells lovely! "- Maggie

"On Saturday after Ju-Jitsu, we went to a cottage in South Wales. We went to the beach and the swimming pool. Rocky stayed in the lockers so he was safe. I gave Rocky a banana because he was hungry then we packed to go home and had KFC which was yummy. The next day we went to Margam Park and made new friends. Then we went to Debenhams with my aunty, it was boring. I had a fun holiday with Rocky! " -Loti

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"We have been practicing cartwheels and playing on the trampoline!" - Evan

"Rocky and I went to see a wrestling show. We booed and cheered and I had lots of fun!" - Jack

"Rocky came home and met my dog Bobby! We had fun on my trampoline. On Sunday we went to the cinema to see the Jungle Book!! See you soon Rocky!" - Billy

"Rocky came to visit us and we took him to Simply Play. He was so brave going down the slide and he showed me how to hang on the monkey bars - he was a pro! Hope you visit soon Rocky." - Harry

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"I was so excited to have Rocly come and stay with me. We played in the garden on the trampoline and riding my bike. We went to a wedding in Cardiff and then we went to Birmingham and took Rocky to Thomas Land in Drayton Manor. We loved going on the rides with my family. Then we went to Newquay and we had hot chocolate on the boat. Come and stay with us afain soon Rocky!" Musa


"Me and Rocky went out for food with my family after Ju-Jitsu. It was yummy!" - Jenson