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Seb started Ju-Jitsu in 2002 and was awarded his traditional  black belt in 2013. He was then awarded his 2nd dan in 2017. In 2011 he started coaching and regularly teaches our BJJ classes. He is also a Purple Belt in BJJ promoted in 2018.

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Tom has been training with Saru Ju Jitsu since 2005 and was awarded his black belt in 2016. He was awarded his 2nd Dan in 2018. He assists Josh in teaching every class in Saru HQ as well as being the head coach for the 8-11 year old classes. He also runs his own full time affiliate academy in Bridgend founded in 2018 with over 50 students training under him. He is also a purple belt in BJJ promoted in 2018.

Josh is the owner and head instructor of Saru Ju Jitsu Academy. He is a 3rd Dan Black Belt and has been studying Ju-Jitsu since 1998. He was awarded his black belt in 2009 and 3rd Dan in 2014 and has been teaching since 2007. Josh is also a Black Belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu under Chris Rees Academy and a purple belt in Kickboxing. Josh has a level 3 coaching course qualification under the BJJAGB.

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Meet the team

Aaron has been training Ju-Jitsu since 1999, aged 6. He was awarded his black belt in 2010 and 2nd Dan in 2015.

He has been teaching since 2010 and now runs his own Saru Ju Jitsu affiliate academy in West Cross. He is also a purple belt in BJJ.

Joshua Williams -Head Instructor, Owner, Founder

Aaron Vickery - Head Instructor - West Cross

Tomas Tovey - Head Instructor - Bridgend

Cai Vickery - Head Instructor - West Cross

Cai has been training with Saru Ju-Jitsu since 2003, age 4. He was awarded his Black Belt in 2018 and started teaching on his own in 2016. He has been assisting Aaron since 2014 and they now run West Cross together with over 60 students training there.


Wesley May - Instructor

Wes has been training with Saru Ju Jitsu since 2015 and was awarded his second brown belt in 2018. He is the head of the age 4-8 year old program and assists in all classes as well as assisting in Bridgend. He is also a Blue belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu promoted in 2017 and is hoping to open his own full time affiliate academy sometime soon.

Adam has been training since 2011 and was awarded his second brown belt in 2018. He is also a blue belt in BJJ, which makes him the youngest ever Blue Belt in Saru Ju Jitsu Academy being promoted just a weeks short of his 16th birthday. He assists in the Little Lemurs classes and is a member of our Elite Squad. He has been training in our adults classes since 2017 and has started competing in adult divisions.

Adam Evans - Assistant Instructor (YMCA)

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Tomas Ayers - Assistant Instructor (YMCA)

Jamie Dicks -  Instructor

Jamie has been training with Saru Ju Jitsu since 2016 and was awarded his brown belt in 2018. He began coaching just a few months after starting as he progressed so quickly. He assists in all classes and is head of the 2-3 year old program. He is also in charge of running the 4-8 year old competition team. He was awarded his BJJ Blue Belt in 2017.

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Sebastian Alferez - Instructor

Tom started training with Saru Ju-Jitsu in 2011 and was awarded his traditional brown belt in 2018. He began training with the adults and assisting the Little Lemurs class in 2017. He was promoted to his BJJ Orange and white belt in 2018 and did his first adults competition in 2018 at age 15 winning a Silver and Bronze. He is also a member of our Elite Squad.


*All coaches and staff are DBS checked and First Aid trained.

Sebastian Alferez Cai Vickery (1) gemma Tomas Tovey

Gemma Williams - Head of administration

Gemma is the head of administration at Saru Ju Jitsu Academy. She organises all gradings, interclub competitions and kids camps. Gemma is an green belt in traditional Ju-Jitsu but decided the mats weren't for her - she does jump in occasionally though! She can be found behind the desk drinking tea and generally being the brains behind the business!

Favourite film: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


Favourite animal: Whale


Idol/Inspiration: My grampa - he's the best.


Goal in the next year: Put on 5kg

Favourite technique: Arm bar - from anywhere


Favourite film: Happy Gilmore


Favourite animal: Monkey


Idol/Inspiration: My brother, Ashley Williams. Constantly testing himself against the best in the world.


Goal in the next year: Get another 2 black belts in other martial arts

Favourite technique: Knee cut entry, longstep


Favourite film: Treasure Planet


Favourite animal: Kitten


Idol/Inspiration: My bampa Trev, he brought me into the martial arts world. He would coach me in boxing every friday night when I stayed over his house.


Goal in the next year: Expand my gym in Bridgend


Notable Accomplishments

British Open:

Bronze - Purple Belt

Manchester BJJ 24/7 Open 2017:

Gold x2 - Purple Belt

Dorest and Hants BJJ Open 2017:

Gold x3 - Purple belt

Zurich Open:

Gold Gi - Purple belt










3-0 Amateur MMA

Naga Elite Champion


Notable Accomplishments

Hereford Open 2017: Silver


Newquay BJJ Open 2017:

Silver + Gold


2-0 Amateur MMA


Notable Accomplishments

British Champion 2016


Dorset&Hants Open 2017:

Gold x2 - Blue Belt


Grip Grappling:

Bronze - Blue Belt

Favourite technique: X-Guard


Favourite film: Back to the future


Favourite animal: Baby Orangutan


Idol/Inspiration: Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson - he's cool.


Goal in the next year: Compete and win at Purple belt

Favourite technique: Cross collar choke from the back


Favourite film: Warrior


Favourite animal: Wolf


Idol/Inspiration: Jocko Dillink - his focus and determination in every situation inspires me to move forward


Goal in the next year: To get UKSCA accredited (qualified in strength and conditioning)

dark blue speech trophy

Notable Accomplishments

Cheltenham BJJ Open: Gold


Newquay BJJ Open: Gold x2


Hereford BJJ Open: Gold


Welsh Sub Only: Gold


Grip Grappling: Silver

Favourite technique: Berimbolo


Favourite film: Coach Carter


Favourite animal: Sloth


Idol/Inspiration: Joshua Williams, he took my under his wing and showed me the way.. thanks to him I'm working my dream job.


Goal in the next year: Medal in a Blue belt absolute

Notable Accomplishments

De Souza Dojo  tournament 2018:

Gold + Silver

Favourite technique: Single leg takedown


Favourite film: Tangled


Favourite animal: Tiger


Idol/Inspiration: Will Smith - he's good at what he does, always looks to improve and does good for others.


Goal in the next year: Get my traditional black belt and my brazilian blue belt

Favourite technique: De La Riva X Sweep


Favourite film: Resevoir Dogs


Favourite animal: Penguin


Idol/Inspiration: Kurt Angle, he won gold at the 1996 olympics in wrestling with a broken neck - he's the reason I love wrestling.


Goal in the next year: Improve in all aspects of my training including MMA and Judo


Notable Accomplishments

British Open 2016: Bronze

Dorset&Hants 2016: Gold

Newquay BJJ Open 2016: Gold x2

Newquay BJJ Open 2017: Gold

Dorset&Hants 2017: Gold x3

Roll Models 2017: Gold










Sub//Zero 2017: Gold

2-0-1 Amateur MMA

Notable Accomplishments

European Champion in Gi,

Bronze in No-Gi


Newquay BJJ Open 2018:

Adults Gold x2










Junior Worlds 2018:

Gold x3

Notable Accomplishments

European Champion:

Gi & No Gi


Newquay BJJ Open 2018:

Adults Silver and Bronze










Junior Worlds:

Gold x1 Silver x1

Favourite technique: Loop choke from closed guard


Favourite film: The Greatest Showman


Favourite animal: Llama


Idol/Inspiration: My bampa, he brought me to Ju-Jitsu.. where it all started.


Goal in the next year: Get my BJJ blue belt

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 22.49.23

Favourite technique: De La Riva overhead sweep


Favourite film: Deadpool


Favourite animal: Polar Bear


Idol/Inspiration: My training partners are my inspiration, they always push me to be better.


Goal in the next year: Better myself in both Ju-Jitsu and as a person. Also, get good grades in my GCSE's